Flash Machine, Correcting Pen, Slab Cutter.
Flash Pad(Flash Foam), Flash Ink, OH Film, Tracing paper, Cleaning Sticker, Cleaning Roller, etc..
Flash Stamp Mount/Pre-inked Mount, Funny Stamp Mount.
Liquid Stamp Resin, Backing Sheets, Clear Cover Film, Exposure Powder, etc..
Laser Rubber : Grey and Red color, A4, 2.3mm

Embosser Seal

Embosser Seal(Common Seal, Corporate Seal) and Engraving Sheet(POM Sheet).
"DURACHOP" - Stock Stamp(Ready Made), Hundreds Titles.
FingerPrint Pad : Dia. = 40mm
Invisible Ink, Invisible Metal Ink, Non Porous Ink, Neon-UV Ink, etc..